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Vapor Rub

Gently Soothe Congestion - Petroleum Free

Our vapor rub gently soothes chest & nasal congestion caused by seasonal allergies or wintertime illness. The essential oils in our vapor rubs are produced by Plant Therapy, a high quality essential oil company. We have two blends - rosemary eucalyptus and sniffle ease. Rosemary Eucalyptus is the same as our original vapor rub, and sniffle ease is a new safer version for young children. Essential oils are not recommended for children under two years of age. Please use caution. Apply to chest or bottom of feet three times daily as needed.​ 

Ingredients: almond oil, beeswax, rosemary extract, and essential oils.

Our sundries are available in a half jelly mason jar (2 oz), a small plastic tub (0.3 oz), and a quart mason jar (16 oz) at a 20% discount. For more info, please see Sundries page. Jars are filled to precise weight.
$8 per 2 oz Jar - $3 per 0.3 oz Tub - $51 per 16 oz jar (20% off)
Rosemary Eucalyptus
Sniffle Ease

safe for ages 11+

safe for ages 2+

Rosemary Eucalyptus smells nice and works well to relieve congestion. For ages 11 & up. 

Ingredients: almond oil, beeswax, rosemary, eucalyptus and lavender essential oils.

Benefits: Rosemary gives relief from throat congestion, and is beneficial in the treatment of respiratory allergies, colds, sore throats, and the flu.  Eucalyptus is an exectorant, can ease a cough, and fight upper respiratory problems. Lavender can loosen phlegm and relieve congestion. 
sniffle ease is a new safer version for young children. We notice a big difference anytime we use this oil with our children. $10 per 1.5 oz. $64 per quart. 

Ingredients: almond oil, beeswax, and Sniffle Stopper Essential Oil Synergy (fir needle, rosalina, spruce, cypress, spearmint, and cedarwood virginian).

Benefits: Sniffle Ease helps keep your child’s head and respiratory tract clear. The oils ease congestion caused by seasonal allergies or wintertime illness.
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